Ark’s Oral Motor Propreefer

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ARK’s Oral Motor proPreefer™ is similar to our favorite Probe. The design was requested by many therapists who liked ARK’s Probe, but wanted a round end instead for a different sensation. The proPreefer has a cylindrical design with long striations around its circumference – perfect for when a “rolling action” is desired during oral motor treatment and sensory development. Use it to roll over the lips, across the surface of the tongue, inside the cheek area, etc. for oral stimulation and massage.
The proPreefer was specifically designed with safety in mind. The handle is made out of a hard, medical grade plastic. Then the same soft, medical grade material as our Grabber® is molded through and around a loop in the handle so that the tip will NOT fall off. At less than 5 inches in length, they’re super lightweight, compact, and portable. Ideal for oral motor exercises, gum massage, and sensory stimulation whether you’re at home, in therapy, or anywhere in between.

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