Funny Stories In The House

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It contains 12 funny stories that take place in the home. It includes question to let your imagination and invent different final chips.
This helps to develop imagination and describing skills, improves story-reading, and
promotes the development of time sequencing, logical thought, expression and fluency. The
contexts, situations and characters represented in the cartoons are familiar and similar to those
which the child is used to. The stories recreate amusing and anecdotal experiences that make
them easy to remember and tell. It is an excellent medium for LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT,
INCREASING VOCABULARY and the use of VERBS corresponding to the actions
represented in the cartoons.
The chronological ordering of the cards encourages the mental processes that allow the child to
establish a sequential relationship of time and discover a logical and temporal order for a course
– The development of logical thought and time-space reasoning.
– To develop observational skills and the ability to chronologically order events.
– To interiorise the sequential order of events.
– To encourage the development of basic vocabulary.
– To initiate abstract thought (it serves as a basis to establish mental relationships and
take the first steps from concrete to abstract thought).
– To improve psychomotor coordination through manipulation and pairing of the cards.

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