Good Behavior: The Environment

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Game series association of couples who show good and bad behavior in different situations of daily life of the child.
This is a game of ASSOCIATING PAIRS. It consists of relating pairs of behaviour types to identify in each pair the
right way and the wrong way to behave. You can make 17 associations and children can play either individually or in
groups. Once the association has been made, the cards that make up the pair have a SELF-CORRECTING SYSTEM
ON THE BACK which consists of a common number and a symbol that identifies the right behaviour (a happy face)
and the wrong behaviour (a sad face).
1st We recommend explaining to players how the self-correcting system works before using the material.
2nd Make associations of forms of behaviour and check whether they are right by looking on the back (same
3rd Select only the cards representing good habits or behaviour and check if you have chosen the right one by
looking at the back of the card (happy face).
4th Describe the right behaviour in words.
5th Follow steps 3 and 4, but working with the wrong habits and behaviour (sad face on back)

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